Parker Group has success working with clients from a wide range of industries and sectors, many of which are highlighted below.

Private Equity/Venture Capital

Management Consulting/Professional Services

Growth Stage Companies

IT Hardware/Software

Digital Media & Ad Tech

Investment Banking

Government Contracting

Asset Management

The Parker Group Process:


Client Consultation – The first phase of the process is the most critical. This step equips us with the business’ needs and strategy, enabling us to identify the proper candidates.


Market Analysis – District Partners leverages its long-standing relationships to canvass the market and uncover the best candidates for the position.


Candidate Evaluation – After candidates are identified, we engage in an extensive screening and investigative process to distinguish each candidates capabilities and ensure appropriate fit and alignment.


Transition Management – Once a mutual agreement is reached, District Partners advises both parties from resignation through the first day of employment.


Process Review – District Partners builds on each placement to develop long-term trust-based partnerships with its clients. By auditing the complete hiring cycle, we’re able to adapt and improve upon our services to best accommodate future engagements.